About FACE

“The Cure Is In The Pain”                                                                      

Youth in handcuffs“The cure is in the pain.”  This is ancient wisdom, and this is the wisdom of the circle.  As a society we treat each other for the most part as items to be used or reckoned with.  We have less and less time to listen to each other, to treat each other as human beings.

The widespread frustration and conflict growing around us, especially among our youth, is both the consequence and the cure.  If we do not play or pray together, then we must fight together.  There is no other way to relate if we are to relate to each other at all.  But the fighting is also our last opportunity to return; our last chance to relate.  It is the gift, which not only points out the problem but also holds the cure.

If we welcome and embrace the conflict, we will work through the pain and understand the damage to each other. The so called ‘victim’ and ‘offender’ will once again relate to each other through the conflict and be healed.  This is ‘restorative justice’.  If, on the other hand, we try to stamp out the conflict, we will ignore our redemption, and descend into nothingness, becoming a meaningless mass of faceless digits.  This is ‘zero tolerance.’ The cure is the pain, not in getting rid of it.